Mrs. Wendy Dwyer

Owner/Chief Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt

Certified Instructor

Certifications in CPR, Youth Protection



 ELITE Leadership Martial Arts Academy offers:

        * Classes for children, adults and families.

        * Fun, engaging and targeted training for all levels of experience.

        * Exercises in strength, flexibility and coordination built into every class.

        * Effective self-defense training incorporated into all sessions.

All of our programs incorporate various disciplines of martial arts into practical methods of self-defense. The attentive student becomes increasingly sensitive to his/her environment and acquires greater strength and self-control in many aspects of life. Many of the benefits of ELITE Leadership Martial Arts training can already be felt after only a few weeks of regular involvement.

Etiquette and discipline are an important part of our classes, but we are also here to have fun. Our instructors love teaching, We strive to maintain our family atmosphere and hope that every student feel like they are part of the ELITE family. 


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